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(Aka DAx =/\=)

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Disclaimers From Hell

By special request, a page with nothing but disclaimers from my stories!

Ongoing Storylines

The Perfection Series

gleam in the Trill’s eyes.  “Well… all right then.”

Perfection - J/7 -Rated NC17
Janeway and Seven finally figure it out,
with a little help from some friends.

Chasing the Lightning - J/7 Rated NC17
(No I haven't forgotten!  It is under construction now! - 4.27.08)
(Yeah I know it was supposed to be sooner but
I have too many one-shots going on lol)

Just when it looks like our heroines have it all figured out,
the Delta Quadrant decides to throw in a monkey wrench...

What Comes After...

The Sum Of Her Parts - J/7 - Rated NC17
Voyager has returned to Earth and Janeway and Seven
have begun some friendly correspondence that that takes an unexpected
turn.  But before they can truly begin to relate to each other, Seven goes missing.

Everything - J/7 - REALLY, REALLY NC17  
Janeway and Seven have returned from the battle with The Mark and
now must go about figuring out the rest of their lives.  
Warm and Fuzzy Warning & a Much Deserved Potty Mouth Warning!!

A Very Special Woman - J/7 - NC17 
We are gathered here today, surrounded by our family and friends,
to witness the union of two very special people...

Black Velvet - P/C - NC17 

That P/C stands for Phoebe and Celes.  This is what else happened
on their first night together that A Very Special Woman was too long to add.
I guess  you could call this What Comes After... Part 3.5 LOL!

"I Dare You..."
A series of challenges by friends to write stories based on their criteria.

Seven Seconds - J/7-NC17
Okay so here is a great example of how being a smart ass can get you in trouble!  
I was playing Guess The Episode From A ScreenCap on The Voyager Conspiracy and Beep kept guessing everyone in like 5 seconds flat!  So, I posted a picture of a hand resting on a console and told her if she could guess the ep, I would do whatever she wanted.    Well, needless to say, she figured it out.  
So this story is based on her challenge criteria which is listed in the disclaimers.  

One note, I always wanted to write a story where Janeway was pretty sick of denying herself happiness and Seven got to say all the snarky things you KNOW she has going on in that head of hers.  So, here it is!!!

The Devlin's Advocate - J/7 -NC17 
A very specific dare from ZoeAmory that grew into 4,000 words of inanity when I
 shoulda been working on something else. LOL!  I apologize in advance.  
This was completely to amuse us!

Shhh... -J/7 - G 

Another dare...This one from Aw61!
I swear not so angsty as the last one!
Janeway has to tell Seven how she feels with no dialogue and
no sex...hmph..spoil all my fun!

22 Days - J/7-G 

This is the result of a dare from Zoe Amory
to write a story where she supplied the first and last lines.
It is very short and VERY angsty, so be warned!

If You Were Gay - J/7-G 

Silly little thing written at the request of ZoeAmory.  Had to be 100
words exactly and titled If You Were Gay...
(100 words only???  That's Hard!)

One Shots

Dusk to Dust - NC-17 
Just a little something to celebrate the day!  
Yes it is silly and inane but hell, your supposed to be drunk so who cares?

Past Tense - NC-17 
An old enemy reappears with a new agenda that
could change everything forever.

Cupid Has Been Assimilated - NC17 

A bit of fun for the lover in all of us.  Inanity warning!

Dirty Thoughts - NC17 
Just a bit o' fun parody that aw61 and I came up with
for the New Year!  Viva La Dirty Pair!

Same Auld Lang Syne - G (Amazing huh?)

Sugar Frosted Borg Flakes!!
An overly sweet treat for New Years.

The Water Witch - NC17 

A short story about the renewal of hope.
Based on cygirl1's pulp cover 'Water Witch'.

'Twas The Night Before Christmas - PG-13 
Just a little Xmas fun from me and my friend AW61!!
(Hey, that rhymes!)

A Captain's Carol - J/7 NC17 
My Christmas offering.  
Kind of a cross between Scrooge and It's A Wonderful Life.

Distortion - J/7 NC17  
A 'prize' writtem for Rudbeck on the J/7 Faction forums.  
Seven is suddenly in love and the Captain doesn't like it at all.

Unspoken - J/7 Rated NC17 
Kind of a challenge piece.  To write a short with only two lines of dialogue.

Voyager Eternal - J/7 - Rated NC17 
My Halloween offering.  No teasers, you get to go in
blind.  Not for the faint of heart.

Puss In Boots - J/7 - Rated NC17  
Janeway and Seven return from an away mission to find something very odd has
happened to the crew.  Warning: This is a weird PWP guys!

Between 7 & 9 - J/7 - Rated NC17  
Ok, so everyone has to have a turbo lift story right?

A Rose By Any Other Name - J/7 - Rated G
Captain Janeway has a secret admirer.

Seven Past Midnight
- J/7 - Rated NC17
What happens when a Starship Captain and a former Borg Drone
are the only ones left on the ship during shore leave?

Viva Las Vegas - J/7 - Rated NC17
That's the problem with temporal mechanics...

The Captain That Might Have Been
This is a very new style of writing for me.  First person musings.  The thoughts
of Admiral Janeway, when she was the captain that might have been.

J/7 Uber Fiction

The Years Between - NC17
An attempt at something new for me.  Janeway and Seven out of their time and element.  
Be gentle, this is unfamiliar territory... ;)
Happy Birthday Zoey!  This one is for you!

DS9 Fanfiction by DAx =/\=

Choices - D/K - Rated
A shuttled accident seperates Jadzia from her symbiont and leads
to new discoveries about her friendship with Kira.
Be very gentle.  This is the first thing I ever wrote. ;)

Minister Of Lies - D/F - Rated NC17
The return of Kira's long lost sister has major repercussions for Jadzia as well as Bajor.  
Kira finally figures out what the hell is bothering Odo.

Xena Fanfiction by DAx =/\=

The Hunger Of A Woman - X/G - Rated PG
Gabrielle's Musings on being with Xena

The Labrys - X/G - Rated NC17
What would happen if Gabrielle wandered
into a lesbian bar? 

Heart of a Warlord - X/G - NC17
Gabrielle makes a new friend and Xena runs into an old enemy,
too bad they're the same person.

Life From Death - X/G - NC17
Takes place right after the episode "Is There A Doctor In The House?"  
Xena's Cursed...can Gabrielle help? Be Kind, first X/G fic I wrote.

Forced Vacation - X/G - NC17
Argo loses a shoe and the girls are forced to take the day off.

The Kiss - X/G - NC17
Xena goes looking for a snack and finds more than she bargained for.

A Land In Need - X/G - PG
Just a short nonsense skit.  All purpose fun.

The Light - X/G - G
Gabrielle's musings.

More Coming Soon!!

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